Your First Visit

During our first conversation we can discuss any initial questions or concerns that you might have as well as the situation that brings you to therapy. When it is comfortable for both of us, we can schedule a first appointment that works best with our schedules. It is important that you and I have a comfortable connection. If our schedules do not match or compatibility between us is not evident I will suggest other referrals at your request.

When we meet for our first appointment we will discuss your specific situation, the therapy journey, your expectations/goals for the process, and any questions that might facilitate counseling for you. I will also provide you with paperwork to fill out and for you to review, this may include:

  • General Information for you to fill out: contact information, etc.
  • Policies & Procedures that protect your confidentiality.
  • HIPAA: Federal government regulations about confidentiality for you to sign and read.
  • Any insurance forms that are required.
  • If you are being referred by a preferred provider or a behavioral health provider, additional paperwork may be required.