Teenage Counseling in Sacramento


Teens today face so much more pressure during this developmental stage. These issues or concerns should not be ignored. With the current technological age and instant communication, life stressors are fluid and dynamic and it is difficult to sort out the feelings from reality. The mix of uncertainty and anticipation of this life phase can be scary and overwhelming.

Parents should be the first people teens go to yet sometimes, for a variety of reasons, this is not enough. I provide a confidential and therapeutic setting for both the teen and offer that to the parents and family as needed.

Common Focus Areas of Adolescent Therapy

  • Depression/anxiety/panic/fear
  • Self esteem
  • Acceptance
  • Social Media/Technological Addictions
  • Bullying
  • Social Skills
  • Relational Stress
  • Academics/School Problems/Lack of Motivation or Ambition
  • Parent-Teen Communication/Power Struggles/Autonomy
  • Eating Disorders/Substance Abuses/Cutting
  • Coping with Loss: Divorce, Moving, Death, Trauma, Abuse