LGBTQ Counseling in Sacramento


If you need support or just a safe place to talk, I would be honored to give you a place to explore your thoughts. Therapy is empowering. Together we can build trust that then encourages you to cultivate stronger relationships, reach out for resources, increase your self acceptance and self care practices and to be at peace and love who you really are. Affirming counseling underscores that your gender identity is only one facet of who you are and at any given time you will have other areas of life that may lead you to seek therapy.

Questioning your identity may be scary or it can be cathartic and tinged with hope.  Coming to terms with your gender identity may be challenging and difficult. It can be hard to accept yourself as you really are when you might experience gender bias from the culture around you. There is nothing wrong with who you are.

Affirming counseling can help you face your emotions and experiences head-on.  You will be able to make choices from your core not from what society perceives.